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HAVEN & kin

HAVEN Casting 
& kin creative

   Featured Work   

* all work by 100% of HAVEN & kin team at a previous agency 

The Main Strip


We are a collective of casting, talent management, custom content researchers, and production specialists. A consistent go-to 

for agencies, brands, and production partners to cast real stories, real people, creators, and user generated content. Our team creates a safe harbor for people (talent) to lend their craft, their stories, and their creations to marketers and brands, and to be taken care of with ease throughout the process. Our casting producers act as a concierge all the while, from early search efforts, through production, and following live dates. We are a HAVEN for finding stories, talent, and content from all walks of life, consistently treating people inclusively, consciously, and with respect. & our kin creative arm tackles your custom and authentic storytelling needs - producing user generated custom content, remote filming needs, and evolving to meet your needs with emerging and innovative solutions. Collectively we seamlessly handle contracts, releases, and payments for folks we recruit for client and partner projects, operating as your talent payments arm and business mgmt resource, and/or working alongside your business affairs teams. 

What we do

Join the HAVEN. become kin. 

Keep up with our castings, our capabilities, and our kin here! When you join our database you'll be the first to know when / where / what we're casting for. 
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